How to Find a Good Couple’s Therapist

Are you in search of a reputable couple’s therapist? Are you and your partner in need of a professional who can help solve some of the challenges facing your relationship? Don’t worry, this is a comprehensive guide on how to find a good couple’s therapist.

1. Ask people you trust for referrals

Asking your friends and family for a referral is a great way to find a reputable couple’s therapist. Not only will they refer you to someone they trust but they’ll help you weed out the practitioners they hated. Unfortunately some of us might find this a bit embarrassing as we don’t want the cracks in our relationships exposed.

2. Ask your Doctor

Do you know a doctor whose opinion you consider invaluable? Call them up or pay them a visit and ask for a referral. It might cost you some consultation fee but you’ll be redirected to a reputable couple’s therapist in no time.

3. Search Online

The internet is a great place to find a couple’s therapist. This can be achieved by simply searching on your smartphone or laptop. In most cases you will find reviews of the therapist which help tremendously when weeding out the poor ones. Remember to use your locality when searching. ¬†Here are some other tips on finding a good marriage counsellor.

Now that you’ve located a few therapists it’s time to vet them and find the one that works best for your relationship. This is a checklist that will guide you through this process.

1. What are their Qualifications?

A good therapist should be well read and most importantly licensed. Licensing information is usually openly available from the therapist themselves and your insurance provider.

2. What is their theoretical orientation?

Each and every qualified medical practitioner has a specialization. A good couple’s therapist should have their niche in all matters relating to adult romantic relationships. Don’t go for a therapist whose niche is Jungian psychology and expect them to help you.

3. Are they within your locality and affordable?

Therapy is a never ending process that requires constant visits to the therapist. In this regard it is paramount to find a therapist that is both near you and affordable.

4. Are you comfortable?

Being able to confide in your sex therapist isn’t an easy thing. Both you and your partner should feel comfortable if you want to make any progress. Don’t waste your time on a couple’s therapist who you don’t trust.

Hopefully this guide will prove instrumental in finding a good couple’s therapist and eventually address the challenges facing your relationship. Therapy can solve anything if done right.

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When Sex Therapy Can Help Your Relationship

We are generally fearful of visiting a sex therapist; he/she is considered to be more of a weirdo than a doctor or a counselor. Fears like, “the sex therapist will recommend a threesome or some such activity to add some spice to our sex lives” and “I will have to share all my inner secrets with someone unknown” are some of the few thoughts to cross our minds. However, it is essential to get over your fears. So, when is a sex therapist required? Are there any signals? Yes, surely there are indicators, read on for more information.

Indicator No. 1 – Very Frequent Fights Over Sex. Arguments about sex are normal with your partner. But when they get converted into full-blown fights and the frequency is very high or when the fights are never ending and recurring in nature, you know it’s time to look for a good sex therapist.

Indicator No. 2 – Mismatch in Sex Drives. Some amount of disagreement in the preferences regarding the sexual acts is normal, but if you can not reach a common footing or a happy solution, then you must turn to sex therapy for a mutually agreed compromise. A sex therapist will address your psychological barriers and make it easy for you to handle refusal so that it does not end up in a fight.

Indicator No. 3 – Lack of Sex Drive in One. This is a variation of the above indicator and one partner lacks sex drive completely leading to frustration in the relationship. Sexual desire can dwindle due to anger, stress or some other medical issue. A sex therapist will help you find the reason and cure it while providing the much needed mental support for both the partners during such situations.

Indicator No. 4 – You Feel the Need to Spice It up. This is not a problem in itself, but could lead to problems including frustration, fights and discord. It is important to keep inventing and innovating to keep your sex life exciting. If you are together for an extended period, chances are that your sex life has become predictable and even boring. A sex therapist will recommend some new positions and techniques to bring back the excitement in your bedroom, thereby avoiding future issues.

Indicator No.5 РPerformance Issues. Generally men can have some issues like lack of erection, quick orgasm or not reaching orgasm at all. Many women are not informed enough about orgasm and do not know how to reach it with the partner. There may be various reasons for these issues. These performance issues can lead to stress and frustration during sex and you may stop enjoying sex. Sex therapist helps you improve in these aspects and also makes you more confident and less anxious thereby letting you enjoy sex more.

Most of us feel afraid or shy to visit a sex therapist for various reasons. This is a totally understandable phenomenon as we are all afraid of visiting even a dentist. However, if we keep ignoring this requirement, it can result in very big problems. It could even lead to broken marriages. It is therefore essential to maintain a healthy and enjoyable sex life and for this it may be important to visit a good sex therapist at some point in your lives. Keep looking for the above indicators and you will generally not go wrong.